My name is Stephanie and I am the main contributor to this blog, although occasionally you will find blog posts written by my husband, Davin. I am a public elementary school teacher and Davin is an Air Force physician. We currently live in Northern California.

Finances & Fatigues- About Us

We came into our marriage in a good financial state. Davin already bought his (now our) home, we were both debt free (aside from the mortgage), and the cars were paid off. We also had some emergency funds tucked away and we each had meager retirement accounts started. Even though we were doing well as far as the basics of finances, we didn’t feel like we had a real financial plan – we had no concrete goals. So after we married in 2014, I began to ask around with my friends and family about their retirement accounts, portfolios, and goals. Davin started reading finance and investment blogs, which quickly led him to start purchasing a few helpful books that we both eventually read. It became clear very quickly that most of our family and friends were in a similar position as us; no real plans about financial success and even less knowledge about how to get there. So as we continued to scour the internet for more sources to learn as much as we could about financial planning and investing, we decided to try and organize what we had learned to pass along to our friends and to others like us hoping to grow their financial knowledge and put their money to work for them.

While we did find helpful resources, we realized there was a gap in the personal finance world and our situation never quite fit those of other bloggers or writers.  In fact, a lot of common financial advice that applies to most people doesn’t make sense for us. We found that there’s not a lot of financial planning information targeted toward military families. Therefore, this blog is meant to be a personal finance blog as we learn and share about money management, retirement savings, and investing aimed toward people at the beginner and intermediate levels of financial literacy, but also taking into account the military perspective. While we do address these military issues in an attempt to fill this void, we also seek to address issues relevant to a diversity of readers.  We will attempt to pair down the droves of information we have come across, filtering all but the most pertinent of topics so that you don’t have to waste hours on fluff. In doing so, we hope to impart the “how’s” and “why’s” along our path to financial independence. We are not funded or sponsored by any companies and will not be giving sales pitches representing any particular banks, firms, stocks, etc.

Civilian or military, on the road to retirement or just starting out, welcome one and all to our corner of the internet!

Disclaimer: As stated above, we are also in the process of learning about money management and investing. We are not professionals. Please do your own research before making any large financial decisions.


Words from my husband: My goal for this blog is to help others on their path to financial independence. Nothing we discuss here is new or original. To the contrary, we will be discussing ideas that have been around for decades if not longer. Of course we will be organizing many of the topics in ways that we hope will make it easier for our readers to digest and put to good use. Additionally, we hope by discussing our own journey, both our successes and especially our failures, that others will benefit from our experiences.